Tintern Village Fete - Photo Gallery

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Image: 225 - Kids vs truck at the Tintern Village Fete in 2016 - The truck never stood a chance!

Image: 224 - Glas played at the Tintern Village Fete in 2016

Image: 226 - There is always a great selection of food and drink at the Fete

Image: 227 - Wales is a mystical land, seething with myths, legends and history

Image: 228 - Village Fetes have always been a part of country living. Tell us your stories.

Image: 231 - The Dukes of Cymru will be playing at the Tintern Village Fete in 2017

Image: 237 - Past Events

Image: 214 - The Big Rig Hire UK Truck at the 2016 Event

Image: 217 - Big Rig Hire UK at the 2016 Event
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