Tintern Village Fete - This Year's Theme - Myths & Legends

With the rich history of this area in the hotly contested border region between England and Wales, there is a blurring of the lines between history and legend.

Tales of great kings and queens, heroes, villains, dragons, giants and wizards intermingle to create a culture of myths and legends that is unique and powerful.

It is no surprise then that this tradition of story telling, great deeds, undying loves and tragic partings will be used for the theme of this year's Tintern Village Fete.

With so many legends and myths of the area to choose from, getting into the spirit will offer a huge choice. Keeping your outfit secret is nice, but sharing your ideas here or on our Facebook page may be even nicer. However you choose to get involved with the theme, taking part is bound to be fun, and we are looking forward to a great day of mythical creatures and characters taking over the village.

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